Klopas Disappointed In Team and Players

Montreal Impact slipped further down in terms of form after a 4-2 defeat at the hands of DC United on Wednesday. After the match, Montreal Impact Frank Klopas stated that none of the players did their job in this match and they should be extremely disappointed with their performances. He has stated that he is a very competitive person who demands the best from every game. However, the players showed that they did not respect the jersey that they wore on the night. The 4-2 defeat means that the club stay bottom of the table.

Troy Perkins also voiced his concerns about the result after saying that none of the players appeared to care about the result. This is likely to be worrying for manager Klopas, as it could put his job on the line. Klopas has been trying to introduce some continuity in the defensive side of the pitch. He retained the same players for the centre back that have started in the last four matches. However, he did not do the trick after DC United created numerous chances time and time again. It was extremely easy for DC United to open up Montreal. In the first half, the opposition went on to the break with a 3-0 advantage.

“I’ll tell you one thing: I’m a very competitive person, and this is not the team I want. I want a team that’s going to go on the field and compete and honor the jersey they put on. Every game. It’s unacceptable, because we’re given thrashings [des volées], so to speak, at home. On the road is one thing, but at home, where we have to show some heart and will, it’s unacceptable,” said the manager. “We let ourselves down. Everyone. No one did their job. We didn’t make the plays they should have made. We just have to be better,” said the goalkeeper.