Xabi Alonso recently agreed a contract extension with Real Madrid that will see him remaining with the Spanish club until 2016 but when he was asked if he would like to play in the USA, the midfielder stated that anything is possible.

“Moving to the USA? I don’t reject that in the future,” he told France Football. We will see how I feel in two years’ time. I don’t discount anything Europe, Real Sociedad or staying longer at Real Madrid if I notice that I still have the physical abilities.” Alonso replied.

At his 32 years of age, Alonso remains being an important and consistent player for Real Madrid but if his body is not able to continue playing at what the club and the coach requires him to, the possibility of him making a move to the MLS is possible as he already stated.

The Spanish midfielder admitted that his transfer of Liverpool to Real Madrid was a correct one and he does not regret doing it, as he stated that he needed a different challenge.

“In 2009, I think I made the right decision. After five years at Liverpool, I needed a change. Can you expect anything better than Real Madrid, the greatest and most demanding club? It was the right moment to seize the opportunity.

“Everyday life in Madrid is tougher than in any other team. What the club demands is win, win and win again, and play well too. Liverpool have five European trophies, but it is not the same. There the daily life is more relaxed and not so heavy. At Real, pressure and demand are constant.

“But I wanted to see if I could match such a challenge.”

Alonso has been a Real Madrid player since 2009 and just like he did with Liverpool, he could make a switch to another club if he wants a different challenge and end his career in the MLS.