Dos Santos ready for 2017

Giovani Dos Santos said that he is willing to take new responsibilities for LA Galaxy ahead of the new season.

Indeed with the manager Bruce Arena having left the club to coach the United States national team and with Steven Gerrard and Robbie Keane leaving the club at the end of last season, Giovani Dos Santos is the only player with enough experience to take the leadership role at the club.

The forward said that he is aware that more will be expected of him and believes that he has the necessary experience to shoulder these responsibilities.

He stated that he has been developing a lot in the past years and that he has learned a lot by playing alongside players such as Robbie Keane and Steven Gerrard. He said that he knew that a day like this would come and that he should be ready to take the responsibilities for the team.

Giovani Dos Santos said that he believes that the squad is also strong enough and that each player should also shoulder the responsibilities of the team. He believes that LA Galaxy has some good players and that they know their role on the pitch.

He does not believe that the club will be affected by the departure of the coach and the two players. He believes that the players are now mature enough to take care of themselves and they know what is expected of them.

Giovani Dos Santos said that the new coach has his own philosophy and that he has been preparing the players well. He is looking forward to the preseason games to assess the strength of the team and he believes that they can have a good season in the MLS if all the players play at their best level.