MLS gets large Criticism from World of Football

The MLS has received a number of criticism from iconic figures in the world of football including Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger as the French stated that the MLS is a place where older players go to spend the last few years of their respective careers as it’s a league where the pressure of competing at a high level isn’t as big compared to other clubs.

With the year 2014 reaching its end, statistics have been made concerning the attendance and the growth of the MLS which has came out to be a significantly higher amount of fans watching the games and going to stadiums. The MLS is growing, not at an explosive pace but still its been growing at a steady rate.

The graph shows the progression that the MLS is sustaining with more teams being added on as well as the attendance growing with more fans and supporters getting more motivated to buy the tickets and watch their favorite clubs compete against each other.

The local fan base of MLS is increasing but the biggest obstacle that the American League is facing is in it’s television audience as people prefer watching other games around the world instead of tuning it and seeing matches of the MLS.

Landon Donovan said that increasing the television audience and making it compete against other top league is the final frontier and obstacle that the MLS has to pass in order to start competing against some of the best leagues around the world.

“It’s sort of the final frontier for us. We’ve seen that people come to our games and a lot of people are talking about it. The last frontier is how do you get it exciting enough for people to want to watch on TV.” Landon Donovan told reporters as he stated that getting more people to view matches on television is one of the biggest obstacles that the MLS is facing.