Review of the Soccer Safari online slot

The slots are a perennial favourite at online casino sites because, of all the different types of casino gaming available at these sites, they are the easiest for casual gamblers to get the hang of.

Furthermore, within the basic format of slots, there are a lot of different themes available to the creators of these games – making it easy to deliver the unusual games that players enjoy. Football-themed slots games are very popular, and Soccer Safari offers one of the more unique variants on this theme.

It is a five-reel, thirty pay line, non-progressive video slot, which involves a bunch of oddball animals playing their own World Cup tournament in the African jungle. One reason why this particular slot has proven to be such a hit is that, the premise behind it is so quirky, that you probably don’t need to be a hardcore football fan to enjoy it; the humour is something that anyone can appreciate it.

Further increasing its appeal to fans of gaming in general is the decent maximum cash jackpot of $8000 equivalent, as most slots fans want to at least believe that they can win a good payout from the slots. Play here with coins as low in denomination as $0.01 equivalent as well, which means that an evening’s gaming on it should not be outside the financial reach of anyone, which is crucial to the appeal of any slot game.

However for those who do have a real love of football and want a game that will cater to them, the football-theme of Soccer Safari is not purely cosmetic, as for example the Bonus Game involves shooting at the goal from different positions. This continues until you either miss the target completely, the lion in goal saves your shot, or you score three times in a row.

However, although the football idea goes beyond the design there is no denying that the football stadium screen and the quality graphics of the animal players do really make it appealing for a fan of the game who doesn’t mind having a laugh about it.