VAR Workshop By MLS

Among the different news that has come about for MLS football, it is said that MLS would be looking to host the IFAB workshop that would be held for VAR experimentation.

This is pertaining to video assistant referees who are being considered for football and experiments are on the way. We are all used to seeing referees in action on the fields, but soon there would be virtually referees as well. The second workshop on these experiments is being started in New Jersey and is being hosted by Major League Soccer or MLS.

The workshop first kicked off in the Netherlands in the month of May. Those who are competition organizers and are interested in the potential that this technology brings forth are looking to know further and what the trial period would involve. Those who are taking part in the trials of two years, which will be overseen by IFAB, are meeting again in the second workshop which will span three days. There would be representatives from 20 leagues or more as well as associations for the game across the globe including representation coming in from Australia. MLS is part of the group of six countries who have confirmed that they will participate in the trials and others are joining up as well to understand the protocols that are involved and what would be the practical implications of the same.

The workshop would have a live environment setting this time where VARs would be used. There would be practical demonstrations as well as presentations with match settings done in the Red Bull Arena and attendees will be able to learn more about the refers and how they can communicate with each other and take decisions that have a major impact on matches on the fields for football or soccer.